Top Horror Stories by Nigerian Writers in 2015.

Going through all the stories on, these ten short horror stories still stand out, giving as much chills as when I first read them last year. I have attached worthy snippets from each story and corresponding links to the full stories.

Enjoy them and by all means, don’t forget to read N0. 8 which is my personal favorite.


  1. The Birthing by Walter Ude.

“…And then, the newborn’s eyes snapped open, stabbing at Sharon with a gaze that was startling sharp and crystal clear, and his rosebud lips appeared to move over the hissed words, “I know. And I’m here.”


  1. The Achuba Collector (1) by Joe Aito

“…  I do not ask for your mercy. I ask that you give us a fighting chance, a chance to survive, just as that Achuba gave you when he threw you into the well.” You say, stuttering on in fear.”


  1. In The Shadow Of Darkness by Igbokwe Yakadude

“…So we continue. Neck; slender. Hand; long and graceful, with pianist fingers. Skin; desert sand color and silky smooth. Boobs, with some flushed hesitation. I swallow. Full, I say. Generous. She laughs a trill. Waist, slim. Bum; she has an hourglass figure. Legs; Naomi Campbell…

…Here we are, two strangers being friendly in the shadows…”

  1. Mud On The Rugs by John Afere.

“…He looks at me and looks at the three other plates in the sink.

I call out: ‘Taye! Turn down the volume of that radio, will you?’
That’s when he snaps.
‘They are gone!’ He cries. ‘DEAD.’
I drop my plate in shock. I relieve that dreadful day again.
Two cute darlings stamping around in the mud. They didn’t see the electric cable that fell.
‘No, no… It can’t be,’ I whimper.”


  1. Sinner by Akintunde Aiki

“…The Priest’s face lit up. Raw fear.

“…God doesn’t sin!” It was a reflex response. He was a Priest of God Most High and he had been defending God before men for each day of his fifty years in God’s service.

“Yeah right,” it was clearly a sarcastic response. “He banished me! I was his creation! He banished his creation!” There was a glint like the edge of a silver blade catching and bouncing off the rays of sunlight in his eyes…”


  1. Timely Omens by Emem Alexandria

“… Every day, by 4:05, time pinched her.

She had begun to notice it a few weeks ago. At that particular time, something always drew her eyes to a clock, watch, phone……something with a time display. At first she had ignored the strange coincidence, but it had gone beyond that now. Now, she was scared…”


  1. Dying Twice by Soogun Omoniyi

“…Two Imams are standing at your feet. They initiate the prayer. Al-Fatiha and others follow suit, quietly. Everything is happening so fast, you can’t blame them, your religion teaches the burial of a body as soon as possible after death. The prayer is ending now.

Your eyes flip open…”


  1. Cain’s Offering By Chiedozie Dike

“…‘Brother…’ Bolu says and I feel the first flood of tears, tears of joy. It’s his voice all right, he’s alive; but just as I watch, Bolu plants both his hands on either side of his jaw and smoothly lifts his head off his shoulders, the head watching me with its dead eyes as it’s lowered and held reverently at waist-level, such that it is still looking up at me, a mangled mess of meat and torn blood vessels in its wake.

‘Brother’ Bolu’s dismembered head asks, ‘can I have some glue?’

For the first time in my life, I scream…”


  1. Déjà vu by Oluwatobiloba Faderera

“…Hello, is anyone in here?” She called for the umpteenth time as she walked into the room, feeling a warm, thick, slippery liquid stick to the sole of her bare feet.

“Finally. I was starting to get bored” a croaky voice replied from the dark. “I’ve been expecting you”


  1. Do You See Things by John Afere

“…My name is Adesina Omolade Collins and I have the sight.”












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