Chisom staggers out of her house, almost falls and then grips the railing on her verandah.

Her head is swirling, thoughts jostling each other in her head, full of red stains and broken flesh and the vivid images throw a hook down into her stomach and try to pull up bile. She retches and clamps a hand over her mouth, careful not to look back at the door she has left open behind her, frantic to find something to anchor her to the moment. Continue reading

The Buffet


“Nigeria is a poultry. The masses are the hens, the government is the farmer. And we are all waiting for christmas.”

– Adeosun Adams Mercy

It was the eve of the presidential election, the night the General was declared winner. We were at Aso Rock, eating meat and dancing reggae. It was a buffet.  Continue reading

Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh (1994) review

This!!! For the Love of horror!

Rare Horror


“Do I believe in the Candyman?  I believe in the myth.”

Candyman rocks.  It’s a classic, through and through.  Fine storytelling, depth, great acting, and a stunning score.  It was well received by critics and audiences alike, and made some good bank at the theatre.  A sequel was inevitable.  Unfortunately.


Candyman 2 should have been been great.  I’ll be vague here in an effort to protect those that haven’t seen the original, but shouldn’t Candyman 2 have been Candywoman?  I mean, the first film sets things up perfectly.  I assume Virginia Madsen wasn’t interested, or, more likely, this production was a rush job with the sole purpose of replicating the original.  I love the New Orleans location – it’s gorgeous, and suggests that the same sort of intellectual themes present in the first film would be present here; unfortunately, they’re not beyond surface level nods.  If the first film was…

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