​Father. Strengthen My Arms.


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Thunder crashed. Lightning flashed. She turned with hesitant casualness. Before lightning left the blackness of night gulping back the world around her, she had a glimpse of him ducking out of sight.

She clutched her bag in response to the realization that she was being tailed, increasing her steps. A second later found her running.


She scissored through the wind, Continue reading

Luragon | Flash fiction | Hymar David

In the beginning, there was war in Heaven.

Thunder rumbled in the distance as Thantor tore through the sky, keeping low off the clouds that looked like mist. The plan had been successful; more angels had pledged allegiance to the Cause. But one person worried him.

It wasn’t the head-and-shoulders-above-all-angels, Archangel Michael with the glowing sword. It wasn’t even Yahweh. It was Luragon! Continue reading