Do You See Things?

My name is Adesina Omolade Collins and I have the sight.

The first time it happened, I was about nine years old. My parents were vegans so I hadn’t yet tried meat or even fish.I remember that day clearly. I was nervous, so I closed my eyes as I took that first bit into nama.

When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t myself. I was in a different place. There was an abule filled with cows. A light breeze coated the field gently. A farmer walked up to me while loading a shakabula. I couldn’t move. I’m not sure if it was due to fear or a total lack of control. He put the gun next to my ear and traced the barrel to the center of the opposite eye. He did the same from the other ear. He placed the gun at this intersection and fired.

I jumped back and spit out the beef. There was no field, no cows, no farmer. Just two very puzzled

The same thing happened when I ate fish, chicken peri-peri and turkey. I would take a bite and
flashback to see the moments before the animal’s death, through their eyes.

As you can imagine, it was very creepy and unsettling. I became a vegan. I avoided all contact with animals. It has been 30 years since I ate a piece of meat.

So you can understand my trepidation as I sat down at my boss’ dinner table. A small birthday “gift”. My boss was the richest, most successful hedge fund manager in the last ten years. You know how a lot of incredibly wealthy men seem a
bit eclectic? Multiply that by 100. His wife was a wonderful lady. We had met many times and my wife adored her. My boss said she wasn’t feeling well but may be back in time for the main course. She was resting peacefully upstairs.

My wife and I had high hopes for this night. I expected him to offer me the position of president
of fund operations. I would be rich and my family set for life. My boss was not a man you said no to. He is famous for changing his mind based on immediate gut feelings.

When the butler walked a platter of meat over to me, I told him no thanks. But my boss intervened.
He said it was Elede-igbo he killed and shipped in from the wild plains of Kafanchan. He insisted I try

I reluctantly agreed.

He smiled. I cut off a small piece, stabbed it with a fork and lifted it to my mouth. I closed my eyes
and began to chew.

I looked at the face of my boss. He was holding a large hunting knife. Was he really going to kill a wild boar with just a knife? He’s crazier than I thought! As the knife drew nearer, I could see a reflection in the wide blade. I saw not a boar, but a face.


Written By- Johannu Afere.

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