Alpha but

I used to think of words. I used to think of how invaluable they were in expressing emotions like pain, joy, sadness, boredom, you know, usually the bad stuff. I used to have an unparalleled faith in my uncanny ability to wield the craft the way I saw fit.

But now, words have left me out to dry, now I search for them in the skies, and walls, an
d road tars, and even on people’s defeated faces. These sylphlike symbols I used to beat around at will have now ganged up against me, they are making me beg and clamber for their insight. They that were once my best friends have now turned to kindred nightmares. They’ve turned master to slave, writer to clown, thinker to coward, and in so doing they’ve released the monster. I’m going to make these symbols suffer, all of them, they will feel what I feel a hundredfold:

A — you aimless whore! I’m going to spread you and tie your legs apart so you never walk well again!

B — you walk around flaunting you boobs, the same boobs I’ve squeezed time and time again. I’m going to make your ass flat so you never feel even again!

C — incomplete cycle that you are! I’m going to make sure you remain that way; incomplete. You will never be O, cocksuker!

D — look at you, desperate. Now who’s going to like you with that fat belly, zero boobs and zero

E — keep painting your elongated fingernails, because that’s all you’d ever have!

F — fuck you, fuck you very much! I made you famous even though as a matter of fact you’d always be shapeless.

G — we used to be Gs, bro, now you got a hunchback and a broken arm that’d never straighten up. Live that way, nigger! Peace.

H — gay ass motherfucker. Look at the two of you slim dudes holding hands and gaiting about. Rot in
hell, motherfuckers!

I — sigh… I used to use you the most, and now you want to stand alone? Go ahead, suit yourself. Be lonely all your freaking life. Die alone!

J — what’s up, Jay? I used to be your cover, but now you look like my umbrella without a cover!

K — look at your legs. Are you okay at all? I mean, look at A, she’s being parted and screwed, but you, you choose to walk this way. Pity.

L — what’s up El? I used to scoot around with you, and it felt right. But now I’m sure any way you look you’d always be the one left.

M — hem… gotta clear my throat for this. I used to take you to McDonald’s in the good old days, because I thought your boobs were pointed and attractive. Well, that’s all you’re ever going to have. Good luck.

N — you were always negative, N, never really needed you. It’s no today, never mind tomorrow.
Well, keep nibbling at your negativity. Bye!

O — I’ve never really understood why C wants to be you. Does he know what you go through, does he know how much junk you have inside you? I don’t think so. Keep getting fat, O, it gives me joy.

P — look at you, you were diagnosed with breast cancer, and now you’ve got just one breast, and you pee fifty times a day. I pray for you, P, I forgive you.

Q — guess what? You got stabbed! Hahahaa! That’s your cue for life; let that probe always stimulate you on what next to do, fool.

R — I can’t count how many times I rescued you, until I couldn’t. Bwhahah! RIP, may the ravens feed on you.

S — I knew I couldn’t trust you, you snake! I hope you bite yourself someday!

T — poor Tiger, now he’s never able to wipe the ball off the tee as he used to. All you cause is imbalance. Watch out, you might just tip over yourself.

U — you, yes, you, your cup is full, and I want nothing to do with you anymore!

V — well, the way your mons pubis sloped down always was a joy to behold. I’m still tempted, but I’d pass. Go look for another who’d press and tickle you the way I did.

W — you buxom pointed ass would wow anyone any day. Well, it’s all tempting, but go ask Wikipedia if anyone would be wowed on seeing you
have no boobs!

X — well, get in touch with your friends, because you’re the last thing they’d see before they die!

Y — why are you like this? Confusing everyone with your many legs and spreads. well, you don’t fool me!

Z — zigzag watch you back, zigzag I attack, zigzag dead!


Written By- Victor Enesi


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