Family Time

Emem and Joe were playing in the basement, laughing ‎like the 9 year olds they were when they heard the door creak.

They hid.

“Emem! Joe! Timi! Emem! Joe! Timi! ” Their mum called ‎wandering in the dark basement trying to reach the switch.

There was no response. ‎She was sure she had heard laughter coming from the basement.

“Emem! Joe! Timi! Emem! Joe! Timi!” She continued.

And finally there came a reply. It was little Joe.

“Yes Mum!” little Joe called back.

“Where are you?” his mum asked still trying to find the switch with her hands.

“Over here mum!” Joe answered still hiding.

“This prank has got to stop! What are you doing in the basement?” ‎She asked angrily.

“Playing!” Joe replied.

“Playing in the basement? Haven’t I warned you to stop coming to the basement alone?‎”

“I’m not alone mum” Joe replied and switched the lights on.

She stood facing Joe.

“Where’s Timi‎?” she asked.

“I’ve killed him!” Joe replied baring his teeth.

“What?” his mum hollered in disbelieve.

“I’ve killed him mum. And you’re next!” Joe replied clapping his upper and lower‎ teeth.

“What did you say?” she said as fear grips her.

There’s an undeniable eeriness ‎around her.

As the possibility of her death dawned on her, her eyes glistened with fear. At that moment, a knife pushed its way through her back, came out through her belly and was pointing at Joe. Joe’s white shirt was sprayed ‎with her blood.

“Holy crap! Did you have to stain my beautiful shirt with your blood?”

Little Joe said and rushed to their tool box in anger.

‎Emem held the long knife in dear mom’s body, moving it up and down‎ while waving her head happily as dear mom died slowly.

Dear mom moved her mouth but nothing came out.

Joe returned with 2 screw drivers. He joined Emem ‎in removing the knife from dear mom’s body as she knelt dying.

They join hands to push the knife into her body one more time, but deeper this time.

They turned to each other and laughed ‎while wriggling their tongues. They removed the knife and laid it aside.

Joe handed Emem one of the screw drivers. They turned dear mom’s body so that she’s lying face-up.

Emem dug the right eye out while Joe dug the left.

1,2,3,4,5,6,… they counted as they pushed their screw drivers into her eyes.

When they had each counted to 30, they stopped.

“What next?” Joe asked Emem as they look at each other.

“The tongue” Emem answered. You ate Timi’s tongue, so I’d eat this one” she continued with a happy face.

Joe is not happy. But she’s right.

“Please let’s share this one Em. You know it’s bigger”. Joe pleaded.

“No way! It’s my luck! Next time you might be the lucky one‎” Emem replied in finality.

Joe looks on as Emem opened dear mom’s mouth and begin to eat her tongue.

Emem raised her head at intervals and shook it to demonstrate that she was enjoying it.

Joe got jealous. He moved quietly to the long ‎knife and pushed it into Emem’s back until it pierced through dear mom.


The door opened slowly.

“Your ICAN Exam is tomorrow” Deoye’s mom said standing at the door.

He hit the space key on his laptop.

“I know mum. You really should stop reminding me of stuff like this. I’m no longer 16. He replied his mom rather angrily.

She nodded repeatedly.

“Good night!” She said.

“Good night!” he replied in frustration.

She slammed the door behind her.

Deoye went over to the door, bolted it and sighed.

He jumped back on his bed and was about to hit the space key again to continue watching his movie when it occurred to him that something was wrong… he lived alone.

Written By: Doctor Bobby‎ Jude.

8 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Jesu oooooloo!!!!!!!!!
    Why una no dey ever post horror for daytime naa! Na wen pesin wan sleep.
    Jesus eeeeeese!!!
    Bobby u bad terribly o!!!! Chai!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really love this. This, otherwise beautiful piece, has a notable tense error; switching past tense with the present. Since it’s not written in the first person narrative, the author most likely wanted this in the past tense. Even though this does nothing to belie the flow of beautiful prose, a few overhauling would do no harm.

    Again, i love this.

    Liked by 1 person

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