After it is ascertained that Amauche Benson is still securely locked up in the psychiatric hospital at Yaba, naturally the police turn their attention to her twin sister, Chisom.

“Young lady, how do you now explain how that girl ended up in your kitchen then?” a policeman asks, tone brash, his eyes narrow with suspicion.

They are standing outside Chisom’s house; two policemen

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They called her The Ember Killer.

Named after the notorious ‘ember months’, coined by superstitious Nigerians obsessed with the spate of fatal accidents and misfortune that seemed to thrive in the last four months of the year. Those were the months in which she began her murderous spree.

Mid-September had seen the discovery of what Amauche Benson claimed was the third victim, a French lecturer in the University Continue reading

Family Time

Emem and Joe were playing in the basement, laughing ‎like the 9 year olds they were when they heard the door creak.

They hid.

“Emem! Joe! Timi! Emem! Joe! Timi! ” Their mum called ‎wandering in the dark basement trying to reach the switch.

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