Sarah McCain placed her hand on the wooden door to the dark room, it creaked open. A feeling of apprehension overwhelmed her as she made her way into it. Something was amiss

She had expected her family to come pick her up, upon her arrival from Barcelona, but no-one had showed up. Their phones weren’t going through either. The door to the house being ajar, and her father’s study room not being locked only caused her fear to heighten.

”Hello, is anyone in here?” She called for the umpteenth time as she walked into the room, feeling a warm, thick, slippery liquid stick to the sole of her bare feet.

”Finally. I was starting to get bored” a croaky voice replied from the dark ”I’ve been expecting you”

Panic gripped Sarah and she let out a choked gasp!. This voice belonged to a stranger. She instinctively turned her back and made to run, but as she did, she slipped, twisting her ankle in the process. A sharp pain jolted up her right leg as she crashed on the ground, landing on her elbows. Sarah screamed in throbbing agony as the dark room now flickered into life through a flip of the switch. The gruesome event that had taken place earlier was suddenly unveiled before her eyes.

Sarah’s eyes widened in horror. She felt a sick feeling creep through her stomach as she saw the now bright room littered with the dead bodies of her family. She realized now that what had caused her to slip was the blood of her relatives that spread across the white, marble floor, painting it partially red. The lifeless bodies of her family lay in various,awkward positions. Her brother, Adam, had been nailed to the ground, his toes all cut off, a gaping hole in his skull through which his brain poured out. Her mother’s body was severely mutilated. Both her eyes removed, several cuts pervaded through her caucasian body, slashes of knife on her face, making her almost unrecognizable. Her left breast was missing also. Lying directly beside her on his stomach was her naked husband with no apparent injuries.

A big fan of poetic justice that he was, the killer had made sure to nail Adam’s hand and cut off his toes, his hands and legs being the parts of his body responsible for the accident.

”Sorry about your mum’s breast” He remarked sarcastically ”I enjoy being dramatic”

The killer was a tall, dark man with broad shoulders and a tiny scar on his face. He looked to be anywhere between his early to mid-twenties, and had a Mohawk was worn up in small spikes.

”Don’t worry” the man continued ”She didn’t get to scream…. much”

Sarah quickly glanced back at the body of her mother. This time she noticed that her mother’s lips had been sewn together.

Sarah recognized the man, she knew him well. His striking grey eyes, that now wore a cold, murderous look on them were very familiar to Sarah. She had seen them years ago at the court during the trial of her brother Adam after he had been accused of manslaughter. She could tell he was the younger brother to the guy Adam had killed in a drunk accident years before. Dave Williams, Sarah remembered had given a passionate speech about his elder brother at an interview after the final verdict had been passed by the Judge. Of course, being the rich and influential individuals that they were, Sarah’s parents had paid the right people and Adam was had walked scot-free .

”Why does your family get to be happy while mine was ruined?” asked Dave ”After your brother killed mine and went free, mum went crazy. She had to be taken her away. Nothing has been the same ever since. Dad became a drunk who couldn’t cater for me,  I had to move in with my aunt. Oh man, I really hated her fucking kids, and that bitch, that bitch could never make my mashed potatoes the way my mum did. So, you can get why I’m a bit……. grumpy” a sly, mischievous smile cutting across his handsome face.

‘I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry about what happened to your family” a tearful Sarah pleaded ”but you need to understand that I had nothing to do with it”

”True True” Dave chorused  ”and I thought long and hard about letting you off, but what’s the fun in that?” a stoic, stern expression quickly settling on his face

He began walking slowly towards Sarah, a club in one hand, a bloodied Knife in another, his homicidal gaze keenly fixed on a helpless Sarah. In a final attempt to save her life, Sarah laboriously stood up to the floor and attempted to run, but the most she could muster were distorted limps and leaps and she soon found herself on the floor crawling. It didn’t take long before Dave caught with her

”So, which is it gonna be, this or that?” He asked joggling the club with his right hand and raising the knife with his left. His head shaking comically as he did so.

”Pleaaaassee” cried Sarah, hot streams of tears accompanying her desperate pleas ”don’t kill me, please. I beg you. Please-”

”Oh, what’s that I hear?” Dave asked facetiously. ”Do I hear you begging for your life?. You don’t wanna die?. Awwww”. He mocked further, pausing for a while as if considering her plea…

”You know who else didn’t want to die?” he finally spoke ”My brother!!” Dave screamed, answering his own question. ”He didn’t want to die either, but your brother killed him anyway. He had dreams and aspirations and he was a good kid” his angry voice pervaded the corridor away from the grotesque murder scene.”We were a happy family, until yours ruined it”. The pain and anger of a broken man intent of vengeance very evident in his words. ”For that, I’m gonna make you suffer”.

And with that, he sent the club landing hard this time on her left leg. A pounding pain reverberated through her leg this time. A scream ripped through her throat.

”Pleeeaaaseee, Stop. Please”.. Sarah’s tearful voice appeared to cause him more excitement.

She clutched futilely at her surroundings, trying desperately to grab unto the something.

”You don’t have to do this Dave” pleaded Sarah ”I’m sure your bro-”

”My brother is dead!” yelled Dave, interrupting Sarah ”And so will you”

Sarah, although now almost resigned to her inevitable fate, continued crawling desperately away from her assaulter, praying silently to God for a miracle of some sort.

”Don’t drag this any longer darling. I promise to make this really quick”. Dave stretched

Dave took a final, deep breath before plunging the knife violently into Sarah’s back and pulling it back out causing her blood to spurt out in aggressive bursts.

Sarah let out an agonizing scream before feeling Dave thrust his knife once more into her back. She screamed even louder this time. Dave flicked her over, and the knife landed over and over again, going in and out of her ribs, breasts, chest, stomach and everywhere in between. He stabbed till he could taste her splattered blood on his lips and feel her blood mix with his sweat. He grabbed her by the neck, choking her, then pummeled her head repeatedly into the ground. He ended his assault by slitting her throat, her guts escaped as she took her dying breath.

*                                                  *                                                      *

Sarah McCain bolted awake from her nightmare. She shuddered in fear as sweat trickled down her face, armpits, thighs and back as though she had been bathed in her own sweat. She panted heavily and heard her heart thud. She frantically looked across her hotel room in Barcelona, everything was in order. Sarah heaved a sigh of relief and immediately tucked herself back to sleep

*                                                 *                                                         *

The wooden door to Sarah’s hotel room creaked open. A tall man with broad shoulders, a Mohawk and striking grey eyes slowly walked in.


Written By: Tobi Faderera Eccentric

Your comments and critiques will be well appreciated in the comments box. Thank you for visiting and reading.

13 thoughts on “DeJaVu

  1. at a point I guessed right..when I felt it would end as a dream…just didn’t c dat end coming…. mehn…this is awesome….*Joe sorry to burst your bubbles…m gradually losing my fear of demons, nightmares and horrific stories*…well done guest writer…u r just like Joe…birds of same feather

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  2. Thanks to boko haram horror videos, only very few things can now make me fear. Sorry Tobi.

    I’ll show it to my younger bro, anyway. He fucked up this afternoon & this can help me dish out a good punishment…hihehihehihehihe

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