Stephanie returned the diamond ring but she didn’t return Cyril- the cuddly brown stuffed-bear that her ex-lover had bought her. Cyril had become her friend and no one should return friends.


Her new boyfriend was sleeping over tonight and she’d decided it was high time he got lucky.

She felt uncomfortable having it on the bed tonight so she flung Cyril across the room and to the foot of the door. It landed facedown, its arms and legs at an awkward angle. She felt guilty for flinging her friend in such unfriendly manner but what was a stuffed bear to ‘getting laid’?

So, the session started and as it grew intense, she closed her eyes.  He seemed hairier than she had envisaged… and a little bigger than she’d seen him to be. He started making animal noises as she touched him more intensely. She liked animal noises. Her eyes flew open to find his lips and she froze.

On the bed with her and fondling her body was Cyril- the stuffed bear. She was petrified but her eyes moved and she saw. Sprawled in an awkward angle at the foot of the door was her new boyfriend. She blacked out.


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