​Father. Strengthen My Arms.


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Thunder crashed. Lightning flashed. She turned with hesitant casualness. Before lightning left the blackness of night gulping back the world around her, she had a glimpse of him ducking out of sight.

She clutched her bag in response to the realization that she was being tailed, increasing her steps. A second later found her running.


She scissored through the wind, Continue reading


After it is ascertained that Amauche Benson is still securely locked up in the psychiatric hospital at Yaba, naturally the police turn their attention to her twin sister, Chisom.

“Young lady, how do you now explain how that girl ended up in your kitchen then?” a policeman asks, tone brash, his eyes narrow with suspicion.

They are standing outside Chisom’s house; two policemen

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Chisom staggers out of her house, almost falls and then grips the railing on her verandah.

Her head is swirling, thoughts jostling each other in her head, full of red stains and broken flesh and the vivid images throw a hook down into her stomach and try to pull up bile. She retches and clamps a hand over her mouth, careful not to look back at the door she has left open behind her, frantic to find something to anchor her to the moment. Continue reading

The Buffet


“Nigeria is a poultry. The masses are the hens, the government is the farmer. And we are all waiting for christmas.”

– Adeosun Adams Mercy

It was the eve of the presidential election, the night the General was declared winner. We were at Aso Rock, eating meat and dancing reggae. It was a buffet.  Continue reading

Baby Swap

There was no one in sight. From the hospital gate right to the wards.

“Hello” I shouted. I felt a chill as the echo returned.

Empty hospital beds, no nurses, no patients, why the hell was the hospital open. I was contemplating going to another hospital when I heard a baby’s cry. I traced the sound. Alone in the maternity ward was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen.

I sat by the bed and sang to the baby.

“Soft kitty,

Warm kitty,

Little ball of fur.

Happy kitty,

Sleepy kitty,

Purr Purr Purr”

I had learnt it from the ‘Big bang’ series but it was lovely enough and made the baby smile.

Two hours passed and I was still there. Engulfed in the ambience of the baby’s beauty and innocence.

Five hours passed. Six. Seven. My wife called but I didn’t pick up. Nothing else in the world was important.

Suddenly, the baby held my thumb and next thing, I was on the bed, watching a man in a black suit walk away with a grin. I couldn’t move. I tried to scream but only baby noises emanated my mouth.

I was there. Days and night. I couldn’t tell how long I waited.

One fateful day, I heard footsteps and then a “Is anybody here?” I cried out loudly immediately.

I watched a young lady walk up to me. “What a pity” I thought “This fine girl will have to be stuck here for a good while”