Submit your work to TheDarkNotes, and we’ll review it. We read every submission that comes to us and reply within 7 days of receipt.

While making your submission, here are a few things to keep in mind:

-We accept micro-fiction, flash fiction, short stories, book reviews, essays, literary commentaries; all in the speculative fiction genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, et cetera).

-We do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere.

-You can make simultaneous submissions. But notify us when your work is accepted elsewhere.

-Word limits:

Prose: Short story, 800 – 5000 words; Micro-fiction (pic-story), 50 words max.; flash fiction, 100 – 800 words.

Essay: 500 – 2500 words.

Book review: 500 – 1500 words.

Literary commentaries: 500 – 2500 words.

-Read previous publications to get familiar with the kind of writing we’re interested in.

-Always include a short third-person bio in your submission email. You retain the copyright of your work.

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